The Hero's Plate 


our friends at Barber Cellars, Barber Lee Spirits, The Shuckery, The Sweet Zone, The Bagel Mill and Stockhome to create an organization called "The Hero's Plate". This platform is intended to unite us as an industry and as a community. It is something that YOU can be a part of to show up for those on the front line. Each week an organization will be chosen in hopes of celebrating those everyday heroes who are out working so hard for all of us. This includes healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, fire fighters, police officers, post office employees, labs, clinics, the list goes on. You will be able to choose from one or all businesses and order food, candy and wine to be donated to them. they will prepare, gather and deliver your donations to these organizations on your behalf, providing nourishment for them during these unprecedented times. Through "The Hero's Plate" you are supporting these establishments while also saying, “thank you” to those in our community working diligently to keep us safe. 


If we know anything, it’s that our resolve and compassion for one another is strong. We hope you’ll join in by helping to make “The Hero’s Plate” something that keeps our community thriving in the face of adversity.

Please follow and support our partners on instagram for updates and visit The Hero's Plate website for more informati0n: