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Our dearest friends,

With the heaviest of hearts we must tell you that Whisper Sisters Cocktails and Provisions has had to cease operations. Words fall short right now in expressing our sadness.
Having been in this business for some time, we knew we wanted to create a place that was more than its physical attributes; we wanted to create an inclusive space eliciting a sense of warmth and of community. The love and support you showed us over the last year more than made that dream possible, you made it a reality and we couldn't be more honored to be a part of this beautiful, resilient and compassionate community. Along the way you have become more than guests; we can unquestionably call you our friends. 
To say our staff is family would be a disservice. They have been our lifeblood and we are eternally grateful for their love- they are magical human beings of the highest order. Thank you to our friends, family and peers for your unwavering support and love; having our own cheer section has meant the world. 
We ask that you take care of yourselves and others. Let this time bring out the best in us all as opposed to the worst. A hug would help a lot so we're sending you the biggest one right now.

All our endless love and gratitude.

190 Kentucky St. Petaluma, CA 94952

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